So, I went to Sydney today. A day trip isn’t that bad, I guess it ends up being a long work-day with little time to do anything constructive, but it put me in front of the client which can only help my future situation.

I was somewhat put out by the fact that my trip home ended up being via Melbourne, turning a one-and-a-half hour trip into a three hour one.

Fortunately, there was a single gleaming point of light in what threatened to be a very dark trip home: On Qantas flights, they provide afternoon tea for all passengers travelling after 4pm. A warm and actually quite pleasent spinach and fetta scroll was offered first, followed by the drinks cart.

The cart arrived. I could see the people in the rows ahead of me opening bottles of water, cans of coke and just a few had the ironically named “Fun Size” miniature bottles of wine. I contemplated options and asked whether there were any beers on offer. The flight attendant seemed to take on an almost angelic visage as he opened his cool-drawer filled with all kinds of amber delights. He started taking me through the range and was stopped violently as he drew forth what appeared to be an aluminium approximation of a James Squier Golden Ale bottle. Either this man was a mind reader, or simply well versed in interpreting body language because he produced a Golden Ale without me having to ask. Or, perhaps it was the fact that I started sobbing with uncontrolable tears of joy at the prospect of cracking a cold Golden at the end of a long and stressful day.

Fittingly, as I broke the seal on the can and habitually turned the ring-pull ninety degress to the right, I wiped away a tear to the sound of Jurassic 5 doing what they do best: holding on to What’s Golden.