A representative of Digeus Software recently contacted me to request an unpaid review (free app licence only) of their imaginatively named system optimisation software, System Optimzer.
Having confirmed that the request was not simply another dust-covered chunk of spam lying unwanted in the corner of my Inbox, I politely refused the review opportunity. I don’t truck with system optimisation software as it generally has more of a negative effect on your machine’s performance than a positive one.

Having noted in my response that I was, however, impressed that they were investigating social media in a fashion that stood above simply creating a Facebook page and linking people to it, I received another request to review SnapIt; Digeus’ tool for creating quick and simple screenshots.
This is an application that I would potentially use with regularity in my Quality Assurance role at Insight4, should it live up to my altitudinous standards.
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I am happy to announce the official launch of Australia’s newest and most sparsely populated gaming blog: Imperfect Pixel.

You’ll find posts there from Bice Duncan and myself which will contain accounts of our own personal opinions on games and gaming. Please check it out.



For your listening pleasure, I am going to be presenting the next Atlassian webinar entitled “Complex JIRA Workflows with a JIRA Ninja”.

Details can be found here, including a link to follow if you’d like to register to listen in and ask questions. If you’re available at 9:30am AEST on Friday September 10, please come along and listen with bated breath as I attempt to educate while avoiding discountenance.