For those that didn’t want to sit through the huge 80-minute video on Google Wave, here are some of the features in short chunks.
As posted at http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2009/06/the-google-wave-highlight-reel/

I’ll warn you up front that streaming video from TubeChop is very slow – good luck.
Original video here.

Inline Replies

As-You-Type Live Updates Over the Internet Between Users

Wave Revision Playback

Private Replies

Embed Waves into Web Pages

Live Collaboration on a Single Wave

Live-Updating Search Results

Contextual Spellcheck


Google are going to change the world.


Google Wave will blow you away. Please invest the 80 minutes of your life it will take to watch the following demonstration. Huge changes in how you communicate are coming. Prepare yourselves.

Google could have sold this application, pushed Exchange out of the market within two years and ended up with ALL OF THE MONEY.
But that isn’t really how Google rolls is it?