San Valentín

Valentine’s Day is a thing, but not really.
Amy and I don’t get into the ‘tradition’ or commercialisation of it, but it is a good excuse to spend a day together.

We don’t give each other gifts on the day (although flowers can sometimes make an appearance), we don’t count it as a special day of the year. Well, no more special than any other day that I get to spend with my beautiful wife.

2 Replies to “San Valentín”

  1. Yes, I’m having a lovely day with you 🙂 Even if we still have not successfully had a day off in 4 years of marriage! I love you xoxo

  2. We had a lovely day too. Flowers did make an appearance, but the best part was playing board games and PS3 games together and eating chocolate (maybe a bit too much chocolate…)

    I don’t think ther’s anything wrong with celebrating Valentine’s Day in your own way. I don’t see why people deliberately wouldn’t celebrate it. They say they don’t like to be told when to show their other half they love them, but it doesn’t have to be about that at all – it’s just one more excuse to spend time together and be all lovey dovey. Nothing wrong with that I say!

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