Dylan Moran is surly, yet eloquent.
I went to see him with Bice tonight at Wrest Point. The halls, both Tasman and Plenary, were packed with people who have some sort of appreciation for churlish Irish humour.

I get the impression from his comedy that Dylan Moran shares some key similarities with his television persona, Bernard Black. His penchant for alcohol, smoking and picking holes in the human condition leave me concerned for his family. I hope, for their sake that he is somewhat more laid-back in the home.

All in all, it was a hilarious and fun night.
Hopefully this will inspire me to break my blogging drought.

2 Replies to “Curmudgeon”

  1. Didn’t see you there Jase, was a good show wasn’t it 😉 I’m pretty sure he actually wrote (or co-wrote) black books, so it’s probably not surprising that the character in the show is somewhat reminiscent of his own attitude towards life 😉

    That aside though, on stage he is far more cheerful on the whole, and far more willing to laugh as well as rant, than the character Bernard Black is.

  2. We were there too!

    I’ve seen an interview with him and he was lovely and not half as cynical. I wonder if he becomes Bernard Black onstage because that’s how he’s comfortable performing, or that’s what he knows people want and will find funny.

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