A friend recently asked me “What is Geek Chic?”, by which I assume he means ‘What do geeks think is awesome?”.

I answered with the following:
(In no particular order)

Can you add any more?

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  1. Good thing you kept Pirates and Ninjas apart or that’d have shredded that page to tatters.

    What about LOLcats, PWND and FAIL/WINs

  2. Well, you forgot .. Pirates are cooler than ninjas.. so they should be in BIG writing 😛

    And.. Dr Who and Order of the Stick and anything with a USB plug and and and… SPAM

  3. Geek chic is not quite the same thing as just geeky. I’d say there are two categories of geek chic:
    1. Things which are geeky but have enough general exposure to the general public to be known. For example, pacman tshirts worn by hipsters who may well have never played pacman.
    2. Things that are still unabashedly geeky, but made cool by the fact that geeks now have all the money. For example, wearing sneakers with a suit is not cool, but the fact you also have $3 billion makes it chic.

  4. Yeah, isn’t it not so much the things that geeks like, as the things that, though they have overtones of geekiness, are now fashionable, even desirable?

    The pacman shirts are a good example. A certain type of glasses, a certain haircut. Anime fits.

  5. The original question that prompted the list was about geek chic, and geek magnets. What do geeks from all walks of technology find irresistible. What joins us all?

    Sure we all thought Lord of the Rings was cool, but we didn’t think our coolness rating went up by association.

    Ninjas and Pirates are talked about with grins on our faces. Guitar Hero and Grand Theft Auto, we spend hours on, and while/after doing so feel cooler. Dr Who does stuff we all wish we could do, and know the non-geeks want to do too (mebe for different reasons). THAT’s the sort of geek magnets the list was after.

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