Here’s some more Valve love for you.

Team Fortress 2 has been near the top of my Most Played Games List for some time now. It is a title which keeps on giving, because Valve are continuously supporting it.

Just to be clear, I purchased this game when it was first released as a part of the Orange Box. The Orange Box contained Half Life 2, Half Life 2 Episode One, Portal and Team Fortress 2. So, for sixty of my dollars, I received two of the most acclaimed first person shooters of all time, one of the most acclaimed puzzle games of all time and an expansion pack for one of the aforementioned first person shooters.

If that wasn’t enough, Valve have regularly released new content for TF2 in the form of free updates for each of the game’s nine classes, as well as other content patches to fix bugs and to respond to player feedback.
We’ve seen updates for the Medic, Pyro, Heavy, Scout and now Valve keenly introduce the Sniper Update.

If you haven’t played this game, I can highly recommend it.
There is deep gameplay hidden beneath the cartoon-y exterior. Valve are constantly working to improve their unlock designs to ensure that the new weapons and items do not unbalance gameplay, but rather provide more options in how classes are played. The newly unveiled Huntsman Bow will bring the Sniper down from his corners and long sightlines and closer to the fray. The payoff for the risk being the opportunity to pin his enemies to the wall.


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