It totally happened.

So I caved. We placed an order with Thinkgeek on Thursday last week and were surprised to have it arrive on Monday morning.

The device is great. No longer will the people fortunate enough to sit at the desks around me have to put up with the sound of Snake’s codec ringing whenever I receive a phone call. My phone is set to silent, and placed in its seat of power – my phone-armchair/stressball.

I also picked up some new t-shirts. You might even be lucky enough to witness the geekiness at an upcoming social event.

3 Replies to “Succumb”

  1. Jason … now seriously … this wrist-band thing looks like the home-detention bracelets used in Police States like Singapore to monitor enemies of the state. Not only do our mobile phones rule our lives, but now someone has invented a black enslavement wrist band to bind us to our torturer. I celebrate missed phone calls and nothing pleases me more than accidently leaving my phone somewhere-else … giving me an hour or 2 freedom. Ah .. the bliss of silence.

  2. Yesterday in class my phone rang. No big deal, right? Surely it was on silent? No. I had forgotten. But worse, I wasn't anywhere near my bag. I'd left it on the other side of the room when I changed desk to get nearer to a powerpoint. Worse still, at the time that my phone rang I was doing some theological sparring with a guy on the other side of the room (i.e. the entire class was listening to us debate one-another). How embarrassment.

  3. LOL Bernie 🙂

    Dad, you see I never have that problem. My phone rarely rings, and if it does it's always Jason.

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