So, evidently Google are producing an Operating System.

The end is NIGH

Just to be clear, the blog post linked above is the single only communique released by Google about the Google Chrome OS (Edit: they also produced a short FAQ). If you couldn’t be bothered reading it, here’s the short version:

Google: So, we’re totally going to make an OS. It’ll be small, lightweight and run on netbooks. It will be open-sourced. It will come out in 2010.

Evidently, denizens of the Intertubes have taken this as some sort of dark portent. A veritable four-horsemen-rated augury.

Here’s my take:
Calm the hell down. Google have made mention of a possible OS in a blog post. It won’t be out for at least a year. It will be aimed squarely at the netbook market. Your precious Windows licences won’t all of a sudden become worthless as Microsoft fall off of the bottom of the stock exchange. You’re going to be ok, now breathe in and out and in again. Ok, keep that going, I’m just going to get us each a cup of tea.

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  1. It is a pretty huge thing though, even if panic is ridiculous, it’s still huge!

    While they’re aiming it at the netbook market, that fact that it will also run on desktops isn’t merely a passing comment.

    My job with WebFaction really only needs a browser and a terminal/SSH client… Google Chrome OS fills that need, which means I can install it on my laptop and use it full-time for work while I’m out and about!

    This is some pretty awesome stuff, and mid 2010 will be here sooner than you think!

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