Well, I lost my job today.

Being made redundant is a funny beast. On one hand, you’ve lost your damn job. On the other hand, suits give you a big wad of cash. It’s hard to hold a grudge against someone that is depositing a lump sum into your bank account.

It still hasn’t really hit me, I guess. I actually feel like a bit of a weight has been taken from my shoulders.

The trick is now going to be to find a new job. I have a couple of prospects including a very timely meeting scheduled for tomorrow, but I’m in a quandary:
Do I grab the first job I find with both hands – I have a family to support now, after all.
Or, do I take this opportunity to try something new and potentially fall into my dream job?

At the moment I’m thinking that it might be best to stick with what I know. A change would be nice, but not necessarily prudent. It would be great to land a dream job working with Gizmodo, Valve or Google (go search engines, GO!), but is it likely? I need some sort of sign…


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  1. Hey, that’s sucky news that you lost your job… but great that you’re taking a glass-half-full perspective on it!

    What would your “dream job” be, anyway?

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