Well, I’m officially a Dad!

It has been said that I’ve technically been a Dad since the girls were first conceived, the rationale being that their care and welbeing has been a priority for me since then.
I agree, but it’s tough to feel like a Dad until you’ve got a (or two) little bundle(s) in your arms turning you into a smiling, blubbering, happy, girly mess.

The reasons for my being a mess are the two little bundles that I referred to above.
Layla Kate and Elsa Jean Imms were born on the 24th of December at 7:22pm and 7:23pm respectively.

They were born 5 weeks early, meaning that they are currently spending their time feeding and sleeping in the Special Care Nursery at Calvary Health Care Tasmania. They’ve been there since they were born, and as you may have guessed this means that we are home without them. It’s really hard to come home each night without our new little additions. It’s odd – it’s not like we’re used to there being two kids around the place, but they’re born now. We’ve been bonding. Leaving them behind at the end of the day is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, and I have to do it every single day.

On the upside, Layla and Elsa are awesome. They’re cute, floppy, noisy, smelly and beautiful. We’re not sure whether or not they’re identical as the test results haven’t come back yet. All I know is that they’re my daughters and now I’m soppy.

I should also note that the staff at the Calvary have been incredible. I can’t recommend them highly enough, if you’ve got or are thinking about getting health insurance, it’s worth it. There is one particular midwife that has been absolutely awesome. If you come across Gina in your travels, tell her that the Imms’ say hello.

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