I’m sure anyone who has had children, or has had reason to spend some length of time in a hospital would agree with me when I say that it’s like living in a bubble.

Time in the outside world seems to stop. Everthing that is happening is entirely focused on your new child(ren). All of your normal worries over bills, work, politics, the red threat, global warming and to-do lists seem to disappear as you gaze into the eyes of your new arrival(s) and wonder where the heck they came from.

Well, I mean, you know where they came from – chances are you had a pretty active role in their conception. I’m just saying that all of a sudden, you have these bundles in your arms who rely on you for absolutely everything and they look at you with those, eyes.

Does that make any sense?

As I said in my previous post, the girls have been spending their time in the special care nursary at the Calvary. This means that we get to change them and hold them while they feed through their nasogastric tubes. If we’re really lucky, we might actually get to give them a bath.

As fantastic as the care at Calvary has been, I can’t wait to get my children home so we can work out how to be a family. At the moment it seems that all we’re doing is babysitting our own children.

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